Frequently Asked Questions

What does charter means?

Reservation/booking or rent a boat only for you and your family or friends. It means that privately
you go around Islands without joining other people and massive tourism. You can see much more
than those who are seeing it from the land. You horizon is more open and you will meet all of those
hidden islands, cliffs and paradise beaches far away from tourists eyes .

Why shall I charter a boat for my family?

There are several reasons. First of all its old fashion to go for standard trips packages, 10, 15,or 7
days hotel with breakfast, than run around to look for tours . It seems your trip is organized but it’s
not. With us you are all settled, it’s all in one. Your yacht is: hotel and restaurant and
tours/excursions. Put it this way, immediately from airport our free transfer service will drop you off
to the pier where your luxury yacht will be ready to take off to the sea.

What shall I bring?

Flip flops, swimming suite and hat . You don’t really need much more but light clothes in case we
decide to take a dinghy and some days spend in restaurants outside. Once we see amazing spot
while sailing you can tell us to stop and we will take you to a paradise island straight away.

Who is on the boat with us?

Depends how many days you charter the boat and what will you request. But our management is full
board service-all inclusive, so you can even request nanny for your kids and while she is taking care
of children at nights you can have fun and party at Phi Phi Island all night. Also, we take care of food
which means our cook is with you. In case that you would like to do it all by yourself we will provide
only captain and co-captain.

How do we get food and where do we go for big shopping?

Don’t worry for 5 to 7 days charter we can do shopping for you and all goods will be on boat enough
for couple of days. But if you need an extra our captain will advise you, there are very nice Marinas
and Ports all the way in Andaman Sea so nothing to worry about. We do have in some ports our
special service where we can order food and beverages, so you just need to come and pick it up with
a boat.

What are the steps for booking the boat?

Please see which boat you would like to hire on our website, than choose the dates and check
availability. There is price difference between daily and a week or a month charters. Or simple send
us an email in section contact us.